American history is marked by the struggle for theabolition of slavery, a struggle led by courageous, often forgotten personalities. Sarah Parker Remond is one of them. This African-American woman, born in 1815, dedicated her life to defending the rights of Blacks and women. In this article, we’ll find out who Sarah Parker Remond was, her background and her impact on the abolitionist struggle.

Sarah Parker Remond une militante abolitionniste afro americaine qui a marque lHistoire

I. Sarah Parker Remond: a childhood marked by injustice

Sarah Parker Remond was born in Salem, Massachusetts, in1815 . Her parents were abolitionists, meaning they were against slavery. However, their commitment led to racial discrimination. Young Sarah was denied her right to an education because of the color of her skin. But this did not dampen her determination to fight injustice.

II. An early commitment to the abolitionist struggle

From the age of 16, Sarah Parker Remond was committed to the abolitionist struggle. She began giving lectures to raise awareness of the Black cause. Her clear, powerful voice quickly made her a rising figure in the abolitionist movement. She was invited to give lectures in several cities in the United States and even in Great Britain.

III. An intersectional activist

Sarah Parker Remond was an intersectional activist before her time. She was aware that racial and gender discrimination were closely linked. She therefore also campaigned for women’s rights, a commitment that sometimes provoked controversy within the abolitionist movement itself.

IV. A life dedicated to defending rights

Sarah Parker Remond devoted her life to defending the rights of Blacks and women. She was the first black woman to obtain a medical degree in Italy. She was also one of the first women to join the Red Cross, where she worked during the American Civil War. After the war ended, she returned to Italy, where she practiced medicine until her death in 1894.

Sarah Parker Remonds memorial plaque

V. An important legacy

Sarah Parker Remond’s legacy is an important one. She paved the way for many black women and other intersectional activists who continued her fight. Her commitment to the abolitionist struggle contributed to the abolition of slavery in the United States. Her work in the medical field was also remarkable, and she inspired many women to pursue careers in this field.


Sarah Parker Remond is an important figure in American history. Her commitment to the abolitionist struggle and to women’s rights should be celebrated. This courageous woman set an example for generations of activists, and her legacy is still of great importance today. The fight for equal rights is far from over, but figures like Sarah Parker Remond remind us that every small step towards equality counts, and that each and every one of us can make a contribution to this cause.

In short, Sarah Parker Remond is an outstanding figure in American history, who defied the conventions of her time to fight injustice. Her journey and commitment are a source of inspiration for all those who aspire to a fairer, more egalitarian world.

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